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Furniture technology is our competence and passion. Our products set the benchmark for function, quality and comfort of furniture. The brand Hettich symbolises a strong partnership with the furniture and white goods industry, trade and craft as well as the Do-It-Yourself-segment.

Hettich Hardware Products

Hinges Hinges from Hettich, the heart of good doors. Unbeatable solutions for any range of furniture Innovative, reliable, untiring performers. Top quality, smart mounting and adjustment techniques. Added convenience from push to open or with Sensys, the hinge with integrated soft-closing feature for cushioned closure.
Hinges with integrated soft-closing function Hinge convenience from Hettich. Sensys, the hinge system with integrated soft-closing mechanism for even more convenience in closing hinged doors. Self-closing from a uniquely wide angle, Sensys takes care of closing doors almost by itself. Innovative, easy, gentle, quiet.
Hinges for fast assembly Hettich hinge models for any mounting style. Manufactured to high technical specifications, the Intermat model perform reliably and come with a durability that’s second to none. Cleverly engineered fast-assembly technique for straightforward handling. Optional Silent System soft closure enhances the convenience value for the user.
Hinges with mechanically assisted opening system Added convenience for hinged doors, push to open from Hettich. Exacting manufacturers now have new ways of securing a design edge from furniture fronts without handle elements while offering significant added value in the convenience stakes. Push to open for doors that open easily and reliably at the mere press of a finger.
Hinges for domestic appliances Hettich hinge technology for particularly heavy loads encountered in refrigerators and freezers in all sizes no matter where they are used. Exposed to high frequency of use, low temperatures and moisture, the extremely compact K hinges never fail, always move freely and ensure a reliable seal to keep the cold in.
Slide on hinge SlideOn from Hettich. Slide-on concealed hinges, tried and proven in thousands of applications. Easy to fit with shallow cup, compact and sturdy in metal design for precision action. Independent overlay adjustment. Reliable 95° opening and closing. For doors in many sizes.
Single-pivot hinges Selekta Pro 2000 from Hettich is the prime choice for top-quality office furniture. The single-pivot hinge in best die-cast zinc is a top-quality product that provides maximum stability. Also when the going gets tough. Ultra-slim design, ease of installation and an opening angle up to 270° for unrestricted cabinet access – all this speaks quality.
Keyhole hinge The Minimat hinge from Hettich is designed specifically for ready-to-assemble furniture. Easy to handle, never a problem for the consumer to fit. Long service life and attractive look speak quality. The compact version with extremely shallow cup depth provides plenty of flexibility for designing lightweight, economic furniture and small doors.
Cabinet Drawer Slides When it comes to slides and drawers, product diversity from Hettich is unbeatable. With an option for any loading capacity, tried and proven established ball-bearing slides and the unique Quadro slide provide the best solution for convenient, reliable drawer opening and closing in all kinds of furniture.
Concealed Slides The perfection of Hettich Quadro slides is unmatched. Quadro is as ingenious as the ball bearing. Four independent rows of steel balls run in precision steel profiles. Gliding quietly, guiding any drawer with perfect precision. Invisible top technology for the best in furniture. Adding value, it can be combined with Silent System for quiet closure.
Optional electromechanical opening system The convenient solution from Hettich. Easys makes life easier. All it takes to open drawers is a nudge at any point on the front panel. Electromechanically assisted, the drawer glides open gently and quietly. Closing the drawer is equally as convenient: The integrated Silent System provides cushioned closure. Reliably and to perfection.
with mechanically assisted opening system Quadro from Hettich is the world’s most precise slide technology. Combined with the Push to open function, opening the drawer is particularly convenient. The drawer opens automatically and gently in response to a light press on the front panel. Luxurious furniture convenience behind beautifully understated fronts in any design without handle elements.
for domestic appliances Using a variety of systems, Hettich slides have proven unbeatable in the furniture segment. The technology has been refined for withstanding extreme loads, making them ideal for use in kitchen appliances, such as ovens, warming drawers, refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers. Hot, wet, cold – nothing can beat these slides, they simply get on and do their job.
Ball-bearing slides Ball-bearing slides from Hettich use a perfected component: A ball. Hard steel balls run in precision profiles, providing lateral stability and easy action for drawers in all materials, in all sizes and also carrying heavy loads. Time and again, virtually indestructible. These runners provide options for part, full and over-extension slides.
Roller wheel slides Hettich lets drawers roll. Drawer slides with integrated self-closing feature provide noticeable convenience opening and closing them – from roll-out prevention to straightforward drawer removal.
Drawer Systems Hettich has the right drawer system for any type of furniture. For the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living-room, office. Ingenious concept for systems to suit any application. Sturdy, smooth-running, convenient, attractive. Single or double-walled side profiles in a wide range of options. Comprehensive range of accessories optimised for the target group.
Double-walled InnoTech from Hettich provides unique ways of creating marks of distinction from a platform concept for drawer systems. There’s a wealth of options for individualising just one basic drawer: Decorative profiles, railings, DesignSides, TopSides, interior organisers. Partial or full-extension runners with a loading capacity up to 70 kg. Versatility with lean logistics and production.
Single-walled MultiTech from Hettich is the single-wall steel profile system for drawers covering a wide range of qualities. It can be used for a variety of applications in furniture for the kitchen, bathroom and office. The drawers are sturdy and strong. Their single-wall design also makes them economical. Fast and straightforward to assemble, they are ideal for use in mass production.
Systems for office furniture The Systema ranges from Hettich provide organisation and system-based solutions on a one-stop basis. Behind doors, in pedestals, behind flaps –  serving all areas of the office, solutions are available for organisation and functions that turn furniture into good office furniture. With added value for work efficiency, satisfactory and reliable handling as well as fatigue-free use.
Grant – Folding and Sliding Door Hardware Grant offers a wide range of residential and commercial grade folding and sliding door hardware systems designed to meet the specifications of architects and engineers around the world. For over 100 years, Grant has provided quality solutions at competitive prices for virtually any sliding and folding door application from 25lbs to 1000lbs. Our 6000 series are the preferred systems for the residential building markets, while our 7000, 1200, 5150 and 5300 series meet the design loads and needs of any commercial building. Grant is continuing to move forward to improve our product offering with series such as SD (150 lb doors), HD (325 lb doors) and XHD (500 lb doors) Box Track series.  Doors can be mounted from the ceiling or the wall while hiding the hardware and keeping the focus on your design.  Grant E-Series o­ers economical light and medium duty sliding and folding solutions from 25lbs to 150lbs.
Grant Sliding Door Hardware Grant 6000 series for residential and light commercial applications up to 75lbs. Grant 75E and 150E offer economical solutions for loads up to 75lbs and 150lbs. Grant 7000 I-beam series for residential and commercial loads up to 150lbs. Grant 1200 I-beam series for heavy duty commercial loads up to 325lbs. Grant SD & HD box track series for heavy duty commercial loads up to 325lbs. Grant 5150 & 5300 custom ball bearing hanger systems for interior and exterior loads from 150lbs to 1000lbs.
Grant By-passing Door sets Grant 6000 series for residential and light commercial applications up to 75lbs. Grant 75E and 150E offer economical solutions for by-passing loads up to 75lbs and 150lbs. Grant 7000 I-beam series for residential and commercial loads up to 150lbs. Our Grant 1200, 150, 325, 500 and 5000 series can accommodate by-passing doors by mounting two tracks in parallel.
Grant Folding Door Solutions & Sheaves Grant BF25, BF50 box track series for residential bi-fold & multi-fold applications up to 25lbs and 50lbs/panel. Grant BF150 box track for residential and commercial bi-fold & multi-fold applications up to 150lbs/panel. Grant 1260 heavy duty I-beam folding series for commercial loads up to 175lbs/panel. Grant also offers Sheaves and Sheave tracks for underneath support of single, bi-parting and by-passing sliding doors for doors 50lbs, 125lbs and 200lbs/door. Sheaves eliminate top hung hardware, require less headroom and are less conspicuous than overhead sliding door hardware.
Handles Trends change the world. They are the result on constant new directions in society and technology. Trends express personality. Resolutely focusing on the market, the ProDecor handle collection from Hettich provides the basis for individualising furniture in line with the latest trends. Proceeding from intensive market research and futures studies, the Hettich trend forum currently defines the four trend styles of New Modern, Deluxe, Organic und Folk. Discover the trend styles from ProDecor – and the many new ideas for your kitchens and furniture.

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