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Finishes Panel finishing can be expensive and time-consuming. Save labor costs and virtually eliminate finish emissions with Murphy finishing services. Our topcoat system uses 100% UV solids. All coloring system components are water-based and environmentally friendly.
Laminates Decorative laminate surfaces can be used for furniture, interior cabinets, wall paneling, and store fixtures. With a fully integrated laminating line, Murphy can apply wood grain, solid colors, foil or vinyl laminates to panels. Murphy also offers Thermo-Fused Laminate as a more durable alternative (please see below for more information). Many surfacing products are available and suitable for widespread decorative and functional applications. Paper and vinyl laminates are an attractive, functional, and affordable alternative to real wood surface components. Faux finishes and durable performance-grade top coated foils are available as well.
Wall Paneling Paneling is one of the easiest home decoration projects to complete with professional results. Paneling from Murphy comes in a variety of styles, finishes, and wood grains. It has a warmth and beauty at home in traditional or contemporary interiors. A wide variety of species is available with unique characteristics providing a beautiful and decorative solution. A wide range of patterns includes bead, v-groove and wide plank. Any wood panel can be top-coated with our UV finish, to dramatically reduce project completion time.
Manufacturing Murphy takes pride in reducing emissions and providing its workers with the safest possible work enviroment. The Hardwood Plywood & Veneer Association (HPVA) recently awarded Murphy with its certificate of CARB compliance, recognizing the Eugene hardwood veneer mill for its commitment to quality control procedures and testing requirements. These procedures ensure the mill’s hardwood products meet or exceet ATCM requirements. Murphy is also LEED certified, as a version 4 manufacturer, which is LEED’s most up-to-date version. We take pride in manufacturing hardwood veneered products that meet the stringent enviromental and sustainable requirements of the U.S. Green Building Council.

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