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Conversion Varnish

CV Clear Sanding Sealers & Finishes
310645 CrystalVar 550 CV Sanding Sealer
310599 CrystalVar 550 Clear Conversion Varnish
310661 CrystalVar 680 Clear Conversion Varnish
310607 CrystalVar 275 CV Sanding Sealer
310610 CrystalVar 275 Clear Conversion Varnish
310667 Scion ZF No Formaldehyde CV Sanding Sealer
310630 Scion ZF No Formaldehyde Conversion Varnish
CV Opaque Sanding Sealers & Finishes
310158 MiraVar 550 Opaque CV Sanding Sealer White
310608 MiraVar 550 Opaque Conversion Varnish White
310668 MiraVar 275 Opaque CV Sanding Sealer White
310601 MiraVar 275 Opaque Conversion Varnish White
310702 MiraVar 275 Opaque Conversion Varnish Deep Base
310670 Scion ZF No Formaldehyde Opaque CV Sanding Sealer White
310669 Scion ZF No Formaldehyde Opaque Conversion Varnish White

NonCatalized Coatings

Clear NonCat Sanding Sealers & Finishes
651776 Pro 680 Clear Lacquer Sanding Sealer
651630 Low HAP Clear Lacquer Sanding Sealer
Opaque NonCat Sanding Sealers & Finishes
653025 Pro 550 Hi-Build Opaque Sanding Sealer White
651175 ColorPlex 680 Opaque Lacquer Black


Exterior Clear Finish
310590 Prothane Exterior Clear Urethane

Pre-Catalyzed Lacquer

Clear PreCat Sanding Sealers & Finishes+B23:B36
651975 DuraCat 680 Clear PreCat Sanding Sealer
651962 Pro 680 Clear PreCat Lacquer
651810 DuraCat 550 Clear PreCat Lacquer
651881 CataLuxe 680 Clear Hi-Build PreCat Lacquer
651825 DuraCat 275 Clear PreCat Sanding Sealer
651885 DuraCat 275 Clear PreCat Lacquer
651982 Scion ZF No Formaldehyde Clear PreCat Sanding Sealer
651981 Scion ZF No Formaldehyde Clear PreCat Lacquer
Opaque PreCat Sanding Sealers & Finishes
651947 ChromaCat 680 Opaque PreCat Sanding Sealer White
651955 ChromaCat 680 Opaque PreCat Lacquer White
652065 ChromaCat 680 PreCat Lacquer Tint Base
652054 ChromaCat 275 Opaque PreCat Sanding Sealer White
652055 ChromaCat 275 Opaque PreCat Lacquer White
651985 Scion ZF No Formaldehyde Opaque PreCat Sanding Sealer White
651984 Scion ZF No Formaldehyde Opaque PreCat Lacquer White

Water Base

Clear WB Sanding Sealers & Finishes
280115 NuWave™ Clear Sanding Sealer
280103 NuWave™ Clear PreCat Lacquer
Opaque WB Sanding Sealers & Finishes
280119 NuWave™ Opaque Sanding Sealer White
280120 NuWave™ Opaque PreCat Lacquer White

Color Tools

Color Tools

Solvent Base Stains and Glazes
301004 ColorTools Wiping Stain Clear Base
302000 ColorTools Wiping Stain II Clear Base
307201 ColorTools 240 Wiping Stain Clear Base
300637 ColorTools Oil Base Glaze Clear Base
366001 ColorTools Spray-Only Low-HAP Stain Clear Base
363000 ColorTools Spray-Only Stain Low-VOC Clear Base
260105 ColorTools BaseToner Clear Base
Water Base Stains and Glazes
230550 ColorTools Water Base Wiping Stain Clear Base
250425 ColorTools Water Base Spray-Only Stain Clear Base
240204 ColorTools Water Base Glaze Clear Base
Colorants and Dyes – for Solvent Base Stains
3007XX ColorTools Color Concentrates
3602XX ColorTools Dye Concentrates
Colorants and Dyes – for Water Base Stains
320XXX ColorTools Water Base Color Concentrates
2604XX ColorTools Water Base Dye Concentrates
Dyes – for BaseToner Only
260XXX ColorTools BaseToner Dye Concentrates
ColorTools Pre-Formulated Stains
ColorTools Wiping Stain Color Swatches
ColorTools Spray-Only Stain Color Swatches

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